How to Communicate with an Introvert


Most people know whether they’re an extrovert or introvert. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, extroverted people are typically outgoing people who love to socialize. In order to feel good and energized, extroverts need to socialize with a lot of people. On the other hand, introverted people are typically more reserved. While introverts enjoy socializing, they often feel depleted after socializing and need to spend time by themselves to regain energy. This doesn’t mean that introverts hate communicating with others, they just do it differently. So, here are a few ways you can communicate with an introvert:

  1. Remain Polite and Calm

One of the worst things you could say to an introvert is something along the lines of, “Why are you so shy?” Many introverts don’t communicate with people first. Instead, they wait until other people acknowledge them and engage in conversation. One of the reasons why introverts do this is because the energy they spend on socializing is limited. So, they don’t want to waste their social energy on an interaction that’s pointless. That’s why it’s important to politely acknowledge an introvert and remain calm throughout your interaction.

  1. Make Them Feel Welcomed

It’s important to remember that introverts have a limited amount of social energy. So, if you don’t make them feel welcomed, they’re more than likely to detach themselves from the conversation.

  1. Don’t Force Conversation

Most introverts enjoy meaningful conversations. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every introvert hates gossip or small talk, but it does mean that majority of introverts are looking for more meaningful conversations. In other words, look for cues that they are also interested in whatever you’re talking about, and if they seem disinterested, then don’t force them to engage in conversation.

  1. Respect Silence

While communicating with an introvert, you might notice that they slowly become more silent, especially if they’ve been socializing for a long time. While some people interpret this silence as an insult, it’s not an insult at all. Whenever an introvert becomes silent, it usually means that their social energy is running out, and they just have to relax and recharge. This could mean that they just need a few moments by themselves before they begin to socialize again, or that they need to go home for a night. Regardless of their decision, you should understand and respect an introvert’s space and silence.

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