It’s Been a While…

Hi friends… I know it’s been a while since we last updated this site, so I just wanted to throw up a quick little post to let you know what’s been happening on our end. (Actually, one of our website visitors wrote in to ask what was up, so we figured we’d answer their question here.)

The answer is: Our crew hasĀ been busy recording a new album! I was sought out by a new hip-hop artist to collaborate on some background vocals, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I enlisted the rest of our crew here at AYF to help. The experience has been amazing so far…

You may not have known this, but we are all very passionate about music here. (As if you couldn’t tell by the blog posts we’ve written so far.) However, this site is not limited to just music, so if you have a question aboutĀ anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask it. We want to familiarize all of our readers with the answers to their most pressing questions on any topic. And with the election around the corner, there are many topics available so ask away! But I digress…

All of our writers and editors here at Are You Familiar are either musicians or have worked in the industry in some capacity, either as marketers, sound experts, studio builders – you name it. Music is our passion, and we’re excited to be able to work together on this album. The reason I was sought out is because this particular artist happened to come across one of my tweets where I was promoting a YouTube video I had recorded, and he thought I had the perfect voice to track some vocals on one of his records. Well, one song turned into 12, and he’s decided to feature my vocals on his entire album!

I’ve always been told I had the perfect voice for doing R&B-style music. Actually, I’ve gotten a lot of my inspiration from Lupe Fiasco’s artist, Sarah Green. (Doesn’t hurt that we have the same name!) Check her out in this YouTube video:

We are all super stoked for this album to come out, and everyone here at AYF has been super busy playing some sort of role in making it all happen. We’re very close to its release and will let you know as the date approaches.

The music is in post-production right now, which has freed us all up to write more, so we’re back at it, updating the site. And we have a backlog of unanswered questions to address here in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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