How to Choose the Best Online Advertising Platform for Your Business

online advertising

Whether you are a startup or an experienced company, finding the perfect advertising platform can be challenging. In order to make the process a little bit easier for you, continue reading to learn about five different businesses and the relevant advertising platforms to make those businesses successful.

1.) The New Business

A new business typically needs to gain exposure before customers begin specifically researching about that business. Since a new business needs to bring awareness to their specific products or services, it’s important to reach their target customers in the most efficient and effective way possible. One of the easiest ways to do this by displaying advertisements on well-known websites.

A great platform that is perfect for this push marketing strategy is Google Display. Google Display utilizes banners and text advertisements across a variety of websites that your target customers will most likely be using. Google AdWords is also great because the interface is easy to understand and provides you with detailed analytics.

2.) Service Providers

On the other hand, service providers should opt for a pull technique. In other words, the target customers of a service provider, such as a lawyer, are already looking for the same service the provider offers. Service providers don’t have to necessarily worry about making their name and service known because their target customers regularly search for their specific service.

In order for the pull strategy to be effective, a service provider should use a search network, like Google or Bing, to launch their campaign. With a search network campaign, a service provider will utilize search engine optimization tactics to ensure their ads are one of the first things potential customers see.

3.) Business-to-Business

Business-to-business service providers can use a combination of advertising tactics to maximize their campaigns. For example, these businesses should utilize a combination of a search network campaign and the Google Display network to pull in potential customers.

It’s also important for business-to-business service providers to utilize LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows businesses to advertise in a way that will target specific needs that potential customers will be intrigued by.

4.) Lifestyle Product Retailers

A retailer that sells lifestyle products or products a specific group of people would be interested in, like band inspired merchandise, should use Facebook as their advertising platform. Typically, people who purchase lifestyle products are passive shoppers. In other words, they usually don’t specifically research for a certain product. Instead, they purchase lifestyle products from seeing interesting advertisements.

Like many beginner advertisement platforms, Facebook’s advertising interface is easy to understand and use. With a click of a few buttons, you are able to launch your ads to your specific target group.

5.) Competitive Markets

Lastly, if your business is within a competitive market then you want to utilize cross-channel marketing. You should be utilizing advertisement platforms such as Google and Facebook, in addition to other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Using cross-channel marketing is cost effective and guaranteed to provide an influx of profitability.

It’s also important to use these advertising platforms to remarket. Remarketing is a simplistic concept in which advertisements are continuously shown to potential customers after they visited your general website or a specific page on your website.