How to Communicate with an Introvert


Most people know whether they’re an extrovert or introvert. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, extroverted people are typically outgoing people who love to socialize. In order to feel good and energized, extroverts need to socialize with a lot of people. On the other hand, introverted people are typically more reserved. While introverts enjoy socializing, they often feel depleted after socializing and need to spend time by themselves to regain energy. This doesn’t mean that introverts hate communicating with others, they just do it differently. So, here are a few ways you can communicate with an introvert:

  1. Remain Polite and Calm

One of the worst things you could say to an introvert is something along the lines of, “Why are you so shy?” Many introverts don’t communicate with people first. Instead, they wait until other people acknowledge them and engage in conversation. One of the reasons why introverts do this is because the energy they spend on socializing is limited. So, they don’t want to waste their social energy on an interaction that’s pointless. That’s why it’s important to politely acknowledge an introvert and remain calm throughout your interaction.

  1. Make Them Feel Welcomed

It’s important to remember that introverts have a limited amount of social energy. So, if you don’t make them feel welcomed, they’re more than likely to detach themselves from the conversation.

  1. Don’t Force Conversation

Most introverts enjoy meaningful conversations. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every introvert hates gossip or small talk, but it does mean that majority of introverts are looking for more meaningful conversations. In other words, look for cues that they are also interested in whatever you’re talking about, and if they seem disinterested, then don’t force them to engage in conversation.

  1. Respect Silence

While communicating with an introvert, you might notice that they slowly become more silent, especially if they’ve been socializing for a long time. While some people interpret this silence as an insult, it’s not an insult at all. Whenever an introvert becomes silent, it usually means that their social energy is running out, and they just have to relax and recharge. This could mean that they just need a few moments by themselves before they begin to socialize again, or that they need to go home for a night. Regardless of their decision, you should understand and respect an introvert’s space and silence.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers: 3 Things The “Experts” Won’t Tell You

Have you ever searched the web for “how to get more followers on Instagram” and been disappointed because all of the articles you read seem to suggest the same things? And then you implement those things and discover that they don’t really work all that well?

That’s because anyone who’s smart or considers themselves an expert on a subject is not just going to give away super-helpful information for free. They’re going to lure you in with shallow content that doesn’t really help you, and then upsell you on the really good stuff, which might actually get you a decent following … for a time … until you have to buy another course from them. (The goal is to always get you to spend more, right? Smart marketers know this and capitalize on it.)

If you really want to get more followers on Instagram, you need to do the things that no one is telling you to do. Dig deep into the stash of secrets that most experts are keeping in their closets and use those. If you do what everyone else is doing, you’re going to get the same results as everyone else. And most people are not getting results.

We’ve got some good news for you: we know a few of their secrets and we’re going to share them with you here, absolutely free.

That’s right. No charge for this super-helpful info. We’re even going to save you money by telling you about some awesome, cheap tools that have helped us grow our follower base on Insta. And we’re also not going to ask you to give away your email or sign up for anything in return. All we ask is that you share this post with everyone you know so that word gets out about our blog and we can grow our audience.

Yes, we have ulterior motives. But those motives don’t involve you giving out your info or cash. We genuinely hope you find this information so helpful that you’ll want to share it with everyone you know! So here goes…

#1. You can’t just “post everyday” and hope the followers will come.

Most of the experts will tell you to “build it and they will come.” And building it means posting to your account every day, using relevant hashtags, and hoping you’ll get found. But that’s not necessarily the case, especially since Instagram’s recent algorithm change.

Unfortunately, you’ve gotta pay to play if you want to get somewhere fast. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Instagram’s advertising platform is still relatively low-cost. Also, there are tools out there to help you engage with potential followers more to grow your base. Which brings us to point #2.

#2. Using auto-like tools can be very lucrative.

Experts will usually tell you to avoid software that goes into Instagram and automatically likes posts from other people that use certain hashtags. They’ll say it’s “risky” and that you won’t be able to build a genuine following that way.

But we’re here to let you know that’s just not true! If you do it well, auto-liking can save you tons of time and energy, help you engage with potential followers, and grow your following significantly. One of our favorite tools is Robolike. We use it auto like other users’ posts that are tagged with certain words and phrases, and it works like a charm. In just over a year, we grew our following from 50 to over 9K.

Just don’t be spammy about it and you’ll be fine. We never recommend auto-commenting tools, as those can be difficult to regulate. But you could hire a VA on Upwork to go in and leave relevant comments for you for relatively cheap if you have the extra budget. Leaving comments manually using tools like iconosquare (which is also great for instagram analytics) can definitely help to boost your following, because it’s even more engaging that simply liking other posts with relevant hashtags. But it does take some time and effort on your part (or on the part of your VA!)

3. You don’t need a $1,500 camera!

The rule of thirds, good lighting, and a smartphone go a long way these days. Especially since the newer smartphones are equipped to produce images that are comparable to what you could get with a DSLR. So-called experts will try to get you to spend money on an expensive camera that’s just not practical. We’ve taken quite a few professional-quality photos with our iPhones that have received compliments from people inquiring what kind of camera we use. Who wants to carry around a big, bulky Nikon anyway?

Again, we hope you find this post helpful. And we’re sure that if you implement the above suggestions (especially the tools mentioned in #2), you’ll start to see some great results. Give it a try and let us know your results in the comments below!

How to Write Amazing Ad Copy That Converts

how to write good ad copy

Copywriting is an important element in the advertising and marketing of just about anything, and even more so in a local capacity. Whether it’s online advertising or offline advertising and marketing. A great advertisement might be the difference between success or failure of a product. The ideas discussed below will certainly offer some insight into creating awesome ad copy.

Writing an effective ads is key to achieving optimal sales success. Just what makes for good or excellent copywriting and how you can create a good advertisement?. Let’s look at some essentials of great copy.

Understand Your Customer:

It is very important to understand the intent of the client and also his/her organizational background. A good understanding aids in determining your target audience.

Know Your Products:

Full understanding of the products you’re trying to sell is extremely vital from the advertising point of view. Things like: what is the item, what are its advantages, its objectives, your target market, your medium of marketing, current reviews, the price as well as the region of advertising. All these factors are important to consider when advertising a product or collection of products.

Know Your Target Audience:

To recognize your target market, it is vital to comprehend the product and the age group the item is being targeted to. Once the age group is narrowed down, the following step would be to understand the mindset of that age group, the area they come from, their tastes, likes and dislikes. These are some of the elements that should be thought about before writing your ad copy.

An inadequately written advertisement might destroy an excellent product, just as a properly composed ad might escalate the sales of a mediocre product.

The next time you write an advertisement, take into consideration these aspects and you’re sure to come up with an awesome ad that converts.

How to Find a Good Marketing Company Online

digital marketing

Ever since we started this website, we’ve gotten spammed with emails and calls from people saying they could “get us ranked on Google.” Usually, it’s the same spiel:

“Your website isn’t coming up when I search for your keywords on search engines … our company specializes in search engine optimization for blogs … yadda, yadda, yadda …”

I’ve heard it all—usually from some Indian guy who claims to have Google in his back pocket.

Having dabbled in SEO myself and having seen some success, I like to think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff. I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I can learn, but I recently interviewed some friends of mine in Charlotte, NC who actually own their own digital marketing company and asked them to speak toward this issue. (FYI: If you’re a local business owner and you’re looking to get some more action online, you might want to consider hiring them, ’cause they really know their stuff!)

My main question to them was, how do you find a good digital marketing company? There are so many self-proclaimed “SEO experts” out there in the universe. How do you know when you’ve got one that’s actually gonna deliver on their promises?

Their answer made perfect sense: search online.

A company that claims to know SEO and be able to get your business ranked on Google should first have their stuff together. What do I mean by that? They need to have ranked themselves on the Big G locally first for some common keyword searches like:

  • seo experts + your city and state
  • seo services + your city and state
  • internet marketing services + your city and state
  • online marketing company + your city and state
  • seo agency + your city and state

You get the point. If you do a search online to try and find the right internet marketing company to work with in your area, this is the first piece of criteria you should be looking for. However, your search does not end when you discover the top result. It has only just begun at that point. And believe it or not, the guy ranked #1 for your keyword may not actually be the one you want to work with.

good digital marketing company will not only know their stuff when it comes to SEO. They’ll also know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing as a whole, which encompasses a slew of other services from branding and social media marketing to lead generation and more. You’ll know if they know their stuff when you see how well they’ve branded and marketed themselves in each of those different areas.

This may be a bit of a plug for my friends (and I may be biased), but I honestly think they’ve nailed it when it comes to branding and marketing their own company. They also happen to really know SEO and what it takes to get yourself ranked on search engines. I say this, because to me, their brand stands out. If you don’t believe me, check out their website yourself.

SEO is a competitive world. You might know your stuff, but so do all the other self-proclaimed “experts” out there. If you’re going to differentiate yourself in this market, you gotta actually BE different. When people visit your website, they need to see read something that doesn’t sound like the same cookie-cutter B.S. every other Indian guy keeps telling me on the phone (“we can get you ranked…”)

That’s what’s going to compel them to take notice. And then once they take notice and decide to hire you, you gotta deliver on your promises. I always say “under-promise, over-deliver.”

Is Boxed Wine Worth Your Time?

It’s wine in bulk… how could it not be worth your time? Well, yes, there are lots of reasons for a wino to love in love boxed wine. Okay, two reason really…. it’s wine and there is lots of it! However, not all boxed wines are created equal and though your pockets may take less of a hit your palate could get wrecked! I am hoping that this post will guide another wino towards the promised land of drinking copious amounts of wine at a great value.

Since the news came out about Californian wines containing Monsanto’s glyphosate I have made it a point to stay clear from drinking them. So, when I saw that Trader Joe’s offers a boxed Shiraz from Australia I was all in on that parcel. The box contains about 4 bottles of wine and stays good for up to 45 days after you open it. It is almost half the price of Black Box boxed wine and way more drinkable. It has become my go to wine purchase for these reasons plus there are more benefits to drinking boxed wine over bottled wine as well.

Beyond the benefit your pockets will feel by purchasing boxed wine it is also beneficial from an ecological stand point. If that isn’t enough reason to make the switch to boxed wine consider the convenience aspect. Say it’s just you and you want a glass of wine, with a bottle you have to open it up and if you do not finish it in two days the bottle will go bad. With boxed wine you can pour as little or as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about the wine going bad because it stays good for up to 45 days.

So yes, boxed wine is well worth your time and one reason for that is it preserves well over time. The freedom to pour as much as you would like is very liberating. You are able to pour a half glass if you just want a little bit or if you need some for cooking it is readily available on tap. So far, in my experience the Trader Joe’s Block Red Shiraz is the best tasting boxed wine for around $12. What are your thoughts on boxed wine? Do you have a recommendation for boxed wine that you think is better? Let me know in the comment section!

Water Bottle That Filters Fluoride?

People are starting to wake up to the fact that fluoride is a dangerous toxin and added more of it to water or putting in toothpaste is not a very smart thing to do. The people who do not realize this are obviously getting a healthy dose of fluoride daily and one effect of the toxic chemical is that it lowers IQ. When looking at your container of toothpaste it should clear as there is warning to contact poison control if you end up swallowing your toothpaste. But doesn’t it help prevent cavities? Sure, so I guess your teeth will look nice and shiny for your wake when you die from cancer.

Anyone who is unaware of the dangers of fluoride or on the fence can check out the documentary, “Hard to Swallow.” For those you have woken up to the dangers of this toxic chemical but not sure what to do with that information continue reading. There are a variety of filters on the market that will filter out 90% of fluoride removing most but not all because fluoride does occur naturally in water. The amount of fluoride that occurs naturally in water is 10 times less than what is added to water with fluoridation programs. These filtration systems range from whole house systems to straws, containers you can keep on your kitchen counter or a water bottle you can take on the go.

My family and I use the water bottle method as it is the easiest for when you are on the go. It is super convenient when you can fill up your water bottle anywhere and drink clean, refreshing and non fluoridated water. In addition to filtering out 90% of fluoride the bottle also filters out 99.9% of bacteria, e-coli, salmonella, and chlorine. You could literally dip your bottle in a river or lake and drink it and though I have never tried this it is nice to know that in the event of a total economic collapse one thing we wouldn’t have to worry about is finding clean, drinkable water. A simple Google search for “fluoride filters” will get you started so you can do your research and find one that is right for you. Happy hunting!

Soundproofing Your Music Practice Room

foam insulation

When I was in a cover band, we used to pay a monthly fee to rent a practice room uptown. It was an awful experience, mainly because we didn’t just practice there. We also attempted to create many of our recordings, and we’d have to make sure and show up on a day when the building was virtually empty, because the rooms weren’t soundproof. If we showed up when other bands were practicing, it was pretty much pointless. Especially since I happen to live in a city that’s obsessed with heavy metal.

Since those days, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of practicing and recording in a soundproof room or studio. We ended up moving from that uptown space into our drummer’s soundproof loft, and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision. (Our band mates weren’t thrilled, because it was a 45-minute drive to the spot, but I remedied that problem by agreeing to transport them there every time we wanted to practice, so it all worked out… until the band broke up. But that’s another story for another post.)

Anyway, my buddy who let us practice at his house had spent a lot of time and money soundproofing the room to make it work. He also hired a professional electrician in Greenville, SC to wire his sound system, which made a huge difference. It sounded amazing in that room every time we practiced. He was a pretty dedicated musician and had the time and resources to build a better-than-average practice room right in the comfort of his upstairs loft.

Recently, someone wrote in and asked us about soundproofing music rooms, and I thought I’d let him weigh in on this question since he’s more of an expert than I am. Here are some things to consider when it comes to soundproofing your band’s practice space.

Reasons to Soundproof Your Practice Space

This may seem like common sense, but it’s worth covering anyway, especially if you don’t feel this is an important topic. Soundproofing your music practice space can have a number of positive effects, including:

Better sound quality. This frees you up to focus on making excellent music, rather than worrying about the environment’s acoustics.

Fewer recording takes. No sound interference from the heavy metal band in the room across the hall means less time spent doing multiple takes just to get one section of a song recorded.

Privacy. Your neighbors across the hall (assuming you share a multi-room building) won’t have to worry about you either.

Fewer distractions. Sans outside noises, your creative juices will flow better, allowing you to create more high-quality music.

Soundproofing Products

There are 2 main types of products to consider when setting up your practice space to reduce unwanted noise. First off, there’s a difference between soundproofing and sound absorption. Sound absorption improves the sound quality of your environment, whereas soundproofing reduces outside noise. If your space already has great acoustics (and we’ll assume for the purposes of this post that it does), then you’ll need to focus on soundproofing. You’ll need to renovate your walls, floors, and ceilings for best results, and how you do it depends on how your space is currently constructed.

Soundproofing walls: Mass-loaded vinyl barriers or insulation help to isolate the sound so that it stays within your space and doesn’t leak to the outside. You can also install new drywall over your existing wall with a hollow air gap in between. High-grade foam can also improve your sound quality by absorbing sound waves and cutting down on reverb and echo.

Soundproofing floors:  If you have hardwood floors, you’ll simply need isolators to create separation so that no part of the original flooring touches the new flooring. We recommend carpet underlay for solid concrete floors.

Soundproofing ceilings: My buddy’s loft already had dropped ceilings which worked in our favor. All he had to do was pack them with soundproofing materials to isolate the sound and prevent outside noise from leaking in. He also had an infant at home, so soundproofing was definitely a necessity, especially since the little guy napped upstairs!

There you have it! An introduction to soundproofing your practice space. I know this is pretty basic stuff so if you’re looking for an in-depth tutorial, you may want to visit your local music or hardware store and talk to a professional. Or, if you’re not into DIY, you can always hire a soundproofing expert to upfit your space for music practice. Either way, I think we can all agree that a soundproof band practice space is the optimal solution if you’re serious about making great music.

How To Use YouTube To Build Your Online Presence

YouTube is a necessary evil. Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger or and independent musician looking to strike it rich, the platform is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy.

Why? Well, for a few reasons:

1. Video is the wave of the future for online marketing. YouTube provides you with a free place to host your videos. You can upload them to your channel within seconds and embed the links on your blog or website easily. It’s much easier to use YouTube than it is to host your videos on your own website, and it uses much less space.

2. YouTube videos are easy to find. Type in a search for just about anything in Google, and if a YouTube video exists for it, you’ll likely find it on the first or second page of the search results. If you’re marketing yourself and not using YouTube, you’re missing out on tons of potential traffic.

3. YouTube is how many people listen to music these days. As much as it sucks, the reality is that most people don’t want to pay for music anymore, unless they really, really like your work and want to support you financially. So, the first thing you should concentrate on as an independent musician is creating avenues for your work to be found. Once you’re known, then you can start demanding funds for your art. But until people know who you are, they’re not very likely to want to support you.

If you’re an independent artist looking to make it big in the music industry, you should integrate YouTube into your online marketing strategy as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get noticed on this popular video-hosting platform:

1. Start by doing cover songs to build a following. I know it sucks. Trust me, I’m an independent musician myself, and I hate doing cover songs. Especially popular ones. But covering popular music is the fastest way to get noticed on YouTube. Pick a few that you can stomach and crank out your own original version. Doing an original take will almost always make it better, at least to the types of fans you want to attract.

2. Next, throw a few original songs into the mix. Doing cover songs will get your channel noticed by lots of people, and once those people have subscribed to your videos, you can start cranking out some original tunes. If you put your own spin on the cover songs, it’s likely the people who decided to follow you like your style, so they’re liable to enjoy your original music as well.

3. Share, share, share! Share your YouTube videos on all of your social networks, including Facebook and twitter, and if you have a blog, embed the videos there as well and use the blogging platform to write additional keyword-rich content. This will increase the chances of your videos, blog and social media pages being found when people search Google for the keywords related to your content.

4. Be relevant. Connect with your audience. If you do a video of an original song, write a few paragraphs on what the song means and why it’s important to you. Or talk for a few seconds before your video performance to provide context around your lyrics. The more effort you make to engage with your audience, the more they’ll enjoy watching your videos.

5. Publish videos regularly. This isn’t a one-and-done deal. If you want to be found and continue to get noticed, especially by your followers, then don’t disappoint them. Keep publishing videos. Even if it’s once a month, that’s better than nothing. Plus, the more often you publish, the more content will be indexed by search engines, and the more likely it is that you’ll get found by more people. As the saying goes, “Content is King.”

It might seem like common sense, but you’ll be surprised as how few independent artists, bloggers and business owners actually implement these tips. If YouTube is not yet a part of your digital marketing efforts, then I suggest you head over there now, create an account, and upload your first video. You’ll be glad you did!

Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

This site is for musicians and music lovers who are into discovering new and independent music. If unfamiliar records are your thing, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be updating this blog on the regular with bands, singer-songwriters and original musicians that we dig. The only criteria — it’s gotta be unfamiliar.

We use that word pretty loosely around here though, since what’s familiar to one person might not be familiar to another. Please don’t get all bent out of shape if we reference a band or musician you’ve already heard about or who’s popular on your side of the tracks. We love music, so if it sounds good and it’s on an independent label, it’s likely to get featured here at some point.

If there’s a band or musician that you’d like us to review, please leave a comment below with a name and link to their website or Facebook page. We’ll check it out, and if we dig it, there’s a good chance we’ll review it here. But don’t get your panties in a wad if we decide not to… ;)

Located in Charlotte, NC, we started this blog out of a desire to boost our local music scene. So you’ll see a lot of local bands reviewed on here, but don’t worry — we like music that comes from anywhere — so you’ll see plenty of non-local musicians here too.

In addition to music reviews, we’ll also post content related to live shows, songwriting, the music biz, how to get discovered on YouTube, and the like. Pretty much, if it has anything to do with music, you’re likely to see it here.

Thanks for listening!

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